Turn-key construction of your greenhouse complex with all the accompanying infrastructure
“Profit-Agro” is a specialized company working in greenhouse business and constructing greenhouse complexes. We can offer comprehensive solutions for a successful realization of your project.
Fresh vegetables supply all year round
Due to a flexible approach to each customer, we can always find the best solution both for building new greenhouse complexes and for reconstructing functioning agricultural complexes.

Our company offers solutions for supplying supermarket chains, wholesale markets, local stores and HORECA with tasty and fresh vegetables.
Pre-project works and calculations:
Designing a financial model, key economic calculations, estimating technical needs (gas, electricity, water etc.)

Pre-project design – placing your new greenhouse in the construction area, help with all the necessary preparation and examination work in the building area.
“Profit-Agro” company offers turn-key design of industrial greenhouse complexes. Our key goal at the design stage is to reduce costs in the future and to increase yields.
We create efficient constructions for cultivation of crops. The design of each project is carried out individually considering all the peculiarities. The greenhouses designed by “Profit-Agro” company can last for 20 years of intensive exploitation.
“Profit-Agro” company offers complex supplies of engineering and technological equipment for industrial greenhouse complexes that are self-constructed or provided by world top manufacturers. Systems :
  • Heating system and CO2 feeding system, boilers.
  • Automatic gas burners, operating equipment and fuel supply
  • Boiler room equipment
  • Screen system
  • Irrigation and UV-disinfection system
  • Energy supply and microclimate
  • Electric and light system
  • Growing gutter systems
  • Drain collecting and disinfecting systems
  • High-pressure fog system
  • Irrigation set “ebb and flow”
  • Assimilation light system
  • Special equipment (trays, sprinklers etc.)
  • Refrigerators
  • Packaging lines for your products
We carry out the “turn-key” construction of multipurpose high-quality greenhouse complexes from 1000 m2:
  • Creating concept and design
  • Working-out documents an economic rationale
  • Configuration and supply of equipment and systems
  • Construction and installation works
  • Start-up and adjustment of the equipment

Construction and installation works:
  • Preparation of the construction area
  • Building the foundation
  • Reinforced concrete products
  • Steel profile frames
  • Drain systems
  • Glass and roofing
  • Side and front fencing
  • Glass
  • Ventilation systems
  • Doors and windows
Greenhouse characteristics:
  • Pillar height – 6 m
  • Aisle – 8 m
  • Column spacing – 4.5 m
  • External greenhouse fencing – glass and translucent
  • Side glazing – two layers of M1 glass (4 mm)
  • We use bars for glass reinforcement, corner straps for bonding with the roof, reference and support bars
  • We use bored piles for the foundation
  • The base is of reinforced concrete with tape insulation (300-500 mm)
  • Fixing and replacing worn-out equipment
  • Spare parts supply
  • Revising and improving systems
Why work with us?
We provide warranty service for our greenhouse complexes
We coordinate all the further steps and actions with our customers
We can promptly arrive to the construction area
Concept of constructing a professional greenhouse in a desert
Our partners
We cooperate with all the specialists in the field, with functioning agricultural complexes and new customers. We consult our customers at every step of project realization
Why are we unique?
Over 20 years’ experience
Complex and individual approach
Support at all the stages
Warranty service
Individual project calculations
Flexible pricing
Considering local demand for vegetables
Creating financial model together with the customer
Search for the most profitable crops, selection of varieties
The result will exceed your expectations
Phone: +7 (499) 397-88-27
Mobile phone: +7 (925) 577-16-27
E-mail: info@profit-agro.ru
Adress: 23, 3rd Krestyanskaya street, Mytisthi, Moscow region, Russia, 141014
We are open to cooperation and mutually beneficial partnership
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